Head gardener's July highlights at Greys Court

There’s always something to look out for in the gardens. Discover what delights you can find during July. If you need help finding anything mentioned below don’t hesitate to ask one of our very helpful garden team members, they’ll be out and about in the gardens!

Colourful mixed borders

As we move into the summer months, the mixed borders are starting to fill up. Look out for the pink and purple border in the Rose garden. This has a collection of hardy geraniums filling up the space with beautiful colour.

The border against the 12th century wall in the Rose garden is filled with a combination of modern roses and hydrangeas. Among the roses there are many alliums flowering too. Whilst alliums look intriguing and delightful, they also help to deter greenfly!


Enjoy the calming, soothing and wonderful scent of lavender during July. You will find this plant flowering in abundance along the path between the wisteria garden and the Italianate fountain.  

Kitchen garden 

The Kitchen garden is coming into full production throughout July.

Amongst the vegetables and fruits there are many edible flowers as well! Chives, nasturtiums and violas are all examples of these. Ask a garden volunteer to help you spot them.

Edible flowers are also used as companion plants in the Kitchen garden. Chives helps to keep the greenfly away, whilst the nasturtiums help keep the blackfly away from the beans.

Silent space in the Tower garden

Ever feel you need a moment of peace and tranquillity to just reflect and take time out from the busy world? Every Sunday in July, from 3 - 5pm, the Tower garden will be a place where we ask any visitors spending time in there to switch off their phones and remain silent.

This is part of a pilot study being done to encourage people to take some time out in a green and beautiful space, and switch off from the many distractions that are present in the world today.

Why not treat yourself to a couple minutes of peace this July?