Head Gardener's May highlights at Greys Court

There’s always something to look out for in the gardens. Discover what delights you can find during May. If you need help finding anything mentioned below don’t hesitate to ask one of our very helpful garden team members, they’ll be out and about in the gardens!

Wisteria watch         

One of the oldest plants in the garden, the wisteria was planted in 1890 and is a spectacular sight in and out of bloom.

The sight and scent of this plant when it flowers is something many people have come to love. As the ‘wisteria room’ in the walled gardens becomes a busier space throughout this month, please take care not to touch this precious plant. It is quite a small space to navigate, so please be aware of where you are walking to help protect and preserve this incredible plant.

If you notice the space is getting crowded, why not take a stroll around the rest of the walled gardens and come back when it has got a bit quieter.

We expect the wisteria to flower at some point throughout May, although it is hard to say exactly when, so keep an eye out on our social media for live updates!

The meadow

Follow the mown path to enjoy the wild flowers of the meadow in the walled gardens.

Please take care to keep to the path through the meadow. Even though it is tempting to run through the wild flowers to take a good photo, this causes damage.

If these wild flowers are trampled on, they are then damaged for that year and won’t be able to be enjoyed by other visitors. Keeping to the path means you help the meadow stay looking beautiful, and help ensure that the flowers will continue to grow and flower year after year.

Avenue of ballerina hoops

At the lower end of the walled gardens crab apples and clematis have been trained over hoops to create a tunnel of wonderful sights.

The crab apple is called Maypole and flowers first. This is followed by two different types of clematis flowering, Charisma and the President. The two combined make for a beautiful display, and will begin flowering throughout May.