Head Gardener's September highlights at Greys Court

There’s always something to look out for in the gardens. Discover what delights you can find during September. If you need help finding anything mentioned below don’t hesitate to ask one of our very helpful garden team members, they’ll be out and about in the gardens!

Autumn harvest in the garden

September brings with it an abundance of apples ready to be harvested. Varieties such as ‘Beauty of Bath’ and ‘Katy’ are some of the earliest to be ripe and ready to be picked.

Some of the autumn harvest produce goes to the Cowshed tea-room and some goes to the house. Throughout September you will be able to see, and smell, lots of jam-making happening in the kitchen of the house, a tradition started by Lady Brunner and carried on by the wonderful house volunteers.

Autumn colours

Between the bountiful blossoms of the herbaceous perennials and the glorious colours of Autumn September brings its own display of delights in the garden.

Sedums come into their own at this time of the year – a good plant to attract some beneficial insects to the garden.

Hydrangeas are still flowering, but their colours will begin to darken throughout September.

Asters, or the more common name for them – Michaelmas Daisy, will also be bursting into bloom in September.

Watch out for the changing colours of the trees in September as well.

Garden jobs

Throughout September catch the wonderful garden team and volunteers carrying out a variety of jobs in the garden.

They will be harvesting produce like plums and apples; planting new hardy perennials; scarifying lawns and giving them an ‘Autumn feed’; and keeping the rhododendrons watered to help form flower buds for next Spring.