Our Gardener's Spring favourites

Close up of a bee in a spring flower

Spring has sprung at Greys Court, and there’s some beautiful colour popping up around the estate. Read on to find out our gardener Carmel’s highlights in the garden this season, and when is best to see them.


" ‘Everything is bursting into leaf. Spring is my favourite but I love it all year round. Everything’s been grey and brown and then everything bursts into colour’"
- Carmel

Carmel's recommendations this season

Look out for snowdrops in the nut walk , irises around the wisteria, hyacinths around the Anniversary walk and lots of bulbs near the Cowshed tea-room. Our Cromwellian garden is set to look really colourful – we’ve planted 7,000 bulbs of pink and purple hyacinths, a border of white narcissi and dotted blue muscari.

The Rose Garden, Greys Court, Oxfordshire
purple flowers in the spring sunshine
The Rose Garden, Greys Court, Oxfordshire

What can you see each month?

Carmel has kindly put together a timeline of when each flower is in bloom, so you can look out for them when you visit. 

January: Snowdrops, Cyclamen

February: Snowdrops, Cyclamen, Crocus tommasinanus, Narcissus, Tulips, Scilla, Iris reticulate, Chinodoxa, Anemone

March: Anemone blanda, Narcissus pseudonarcissus, Eythronium, Hyacinth, Narcissi Thalia, Muscari, Tulips, Narcissus, Scilla, Iris reticulate, Chinodoxa, Anemone

April: Bluebells, Narcissus, Tulips, Hyacinth, Muscari

May: Bluebells, Narcissus pheasants eye

Our Winter Garden

Behind the walled gardens, next to the maze, is a beautiful quilt of flowers planted to resemble a patchwork quilt of Lady Brunners. Throughout the season, flowers and colours come and go, meaning this patchwork of flowers continuously changes, with 48 squares of flowers repeated 4 times. It’s a sight not to be missed!

Patchwork border in the gardens, Greys Court, Oxfordshire
Spring bulbs coming through in the patchwork border at Greys Court
Patchwork border in the gardens, Greys Court, Oxfordshire
The Garden team's plan for the Winter Garden
Gardener's plan for the winter garden
The Garden team's plan for the Winter Garden

Advice for gardeners at home

Carmel advises to leave your bulbs for at least 6 weeks after they’ve bloomed, as the foliage around it feeds the bulbs, making sure they come back strong and healthy next year. At this time of year it is also good to clear any leaves and cut down herbaceous borders, and remember to enjoy and think of summer!

What are the gardeners at Greys Court up to now?

The gardeners have been pruning the wisteria ready for it to bloom later in spring, and are now pruning the roses until march. Soon they will be planting dahlias for autumn, which will bring some lovely colour to the estate later in the year.