Summer in the garden at Greys Court

The fourteenth-century Great Tower from the Kitchen Garden at Greys Court, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire

The gardens are in full bloom during the months of July and August, with the Kitchen garden being in full production of many vegetables, fruits and even some edible flowers. Find out what there is to see on a visit here during summer.

Kitchen garden

Vegetables are being harvested in these months, and some will go down to the Cowshed tea-room for use in some dishes being served.

Some soft fruits harvested in these months also go to the house team for them to make jam, which you may see happening in the kitchen of the house, and be able to enjoy the delightful scents this creates.

Many of the flowers blooming in the kitchen gardens in July & August are edible. These include chives, nasturtiums and violas. As well as being edible, they also help protect other plants around them, chives help deter greenfly and nasturtiums divert blackfly away from the beans.

Rose garden

The planting in the pink and purple border is closely following original plans drawn up for it around 30 years ago. During July & August you can see hardy geraniums bursting into bloom.

The border backed by our newly restored 12th century wall contains modern roses, hydrangeas and alliums. These create a variety of colour as they bloom throughout these months.

Garden jobs

There are always jobs to do in the garden. Some of the things you may spot the team during these months include regularly dead-heading to help plants continually flower; drying harvested garlic, onions and shallots; starting to lift main crop potatoes and picking early-maturing apples.