Grow your own

Thinking about growing your own food? We’ve got some top tips to help your produce flourish and great advice on how to get the best from your freshly grown ingredients

Gardener potting-on young seedlings while the resident cat keeps a close watch at Llanerchaeron, Wales
Staff and volunteers gardening at a National Trust property

Top 10 tips to prepare your garden for winter 

Want to find out how best to prepare your garden for the winter months? Find out with our ten top tips.

What's in season: winter

Wheat and grains of flour on a hessian sack

Why we champion sustainable food 

We’re playing our part to shift towards more sustainable, local sourced food. This will help support the environment, local economies and wildlife.

Staff and volunteers gardening

Gardener's tips 

Looking after more than 200 gardens has taught us a thing or two, so here our gardeners share some of their tips for growing a fruitful feasts and blooming beautiful gardens.

Gardener and catering assistant selecting produce from the Kitchen Garden at Standen, West Sussex

Recipes round-up  

We love home-grown produce and we've got some great recipes to show off your veg-patch successes. Take a look through our recipes for some culinary inspiration.

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If you're keen to put those green fingers to work and grow your own at home, you'll find all the gardening essentials you need here.