Archie and Friends - Gunby's animal trail

Soft toy pigs at Gunby

Follow Gunby's new children's trail and have some fun finding piglets and their friends in the house.

Gunby's Massingberd family liked pigs; they even have one in their family coat of arms. It was also chosen as the mascot for the Fourth Army by Gunby owner Archibald (Archie) Montgomery-Massingberd. Archie was in charge of the Fourth Army that formed part of the British Expeditionary Force during the First World War. It was Archie and his wife Diana who gave Gunby to the National Trust in 1944.

Can you spot the pig in the Massingberd coat of arms? The motto 'Est Meruisse Satis' means: it's enough to have (de)served
Massingberd coat of arms

Now you can find piglets hidden in the house too: see if you can spot ten soft toys in rooms on the visitor route.. As well as finding piglets, there are many other animals to find along your way.

Where am I hiding?
Watercolour of Parakeet by Edmund Langton

If you purchase the new 'Archie & Friends' trail when you come into the house, you can tick them off as you go along. Can you spot them all and do you know the names of the animals too?

Did you find us all and can you name us?
Detail from wash stand in Gunby's blue bathroom

The adorable soft toy piglets, as well as a cute mini version, are for sale in the Gunby tea-room. Why not take one back as a souvenir?

Take home a cute mini piglet - they're for sale in the Gunby tea-room
Pig soft toys at Gunby

The trails will be available for £1 from the entrance of the house. A pencil is included in the price. When you purchase a trail, your money will help us to look after Gunby forever for everyone.

Buy your own soft toy piglet from the Gunby tea-room
Soft toy pigs at Gunby