Mystery at the Mansion

Models for Mystery at the Mansion photo exhibition

There’s murder mystery at Gunby Hall this spring, where Lincolnshire photographer Vicki Head’s Cluedo-inspired collection, Mystery at the Mansion is being exhibited between 2 April and 29 June. Visitors to Gunby Hall will be able to view the photographs in the rooms where the images were taken. The collection depicts the characters and weapons of the well-loved family game and includes a Lincolnshire sub-theme.

‘I wanted to create slightly larger than life images with a vintage feel, says Vicki, that would lead the viewer into playing detective. Where not all the clues may be visible at first glance, but pictures with gems of detail that could appear even after several viewings. My aim was to produce multi-layered photographs that celebrated not only the board game, but also my home county, by using Lincolnshire locations and drawing Lincolnshire parallels to each of the characters. As in the game where you have to guess whodunit, this exhibition is designed to make the viewers decide who they think the murderer is.’

‘The National Trust very kindly permitted me to use Gunby Hall and Belton House as the locations for eight of the nine Cluedo rooms. The Avenue Club in Skegness provided the Billiards room. There are other sub-themes, I have shown specific connections to people or things from Lincolnshire to each of the characters. Some of the parallels are easier to spot than others. As are the weapons, some of which are quite blatant, but others are much more subtle or abstract (see if you can spot the spanner). And there are also allusions to political allegiance for several of the characters, corresponding to their colours.’

‘Whilst photographing in a National Trust property it was essential to be mindful of the surroundings and respectful of ensuring that nothing was harmed or damaged. Photoshop wizardry soon provided Miss Scarlett with a seemingly lit cigarette. And how do you ensure a glass of red wine cannot be spilled? When the ‘red wine’ is actually red jelly!’

For more information about Vicki Head, go to: or ring her on 07900 252423