Wildlife to spot at Gunby Hall and Gardens

Bird spotting on a woodland walk

Take a stroll in the gardens and discover a haven for wildlife all year round.

Stalk the squirrels

During autumn and winter you will be able to spot many squirrels finding food in the gardens. Try to capture one of their cheeky faces on camera.

Hear the birds

The varied planting and shelter in the gardens offers food and habitats for many birds. Listen carefully to hear their different songs and make sure to come and tell us if you have spotted something special.

Stroke the cats

Craig and Committee, the Gunby resident cats, love to meet visitors. Do pay them some attention when you spot them sunbathing in the gardens.

Bump into the bees

There are three beehives in the Gunby Orchard. The Gunby bees produce delicious honey which is for sale in the tea-room.

Meet the cattle

The inquisitive cattle in the parkland are a lovely sight. The curious calves love to watch visitors having their picnics near their paddock.

Spot the bats

Bats have made their home here and at dusk you will be able to watch them perform aerial acrobatics.

Visit our veterans

Some of our trees are more than 200 years old like the majestic Cedar of Lebanon behind the house. Why not give them a hug to show them your appreciation.

Encourage wildlife in your own garden

  •     log piles provide a great place for overwintering insects
  •     try not to use insecticides on your plants and flowers
  •     grow nectar-rich flowers to encourage butterflies and moths
  •     build a pond to encourage birds, hedgehogs and insects
  •     feed the birds all year round

Down at the ponds

Whilst the Ice House pond is being restored, some of the pond's inhabitants are being re-homed in another part of the grounds. Take a walk to the Ice House pond which is a wildlife haven - a great place to spot birds and woodland animals.