Relax in a silent space at Ham House

A summer house located in one of the Wilderness' compartments; a perfect place to relax.

This summer Ham House is taking part in the Silent Space Project to help busy urban dwellers discover tranquil spaces for silent reflection.

To learn more about Silent Space please visit their website here.


The layout of the formal garden at Ham House, enjoyed by the Duke and Duchess of Lauderdale, has been re-created by the National Trust since 1975.

Many formal gardens of the period contained a 'Wilderness' - an area of trees and shrubs crossed with hedge-lined paths.

The woodland atmosphere the planting created was intended to be mysterious and reflective. In contrast with the rest of the formal garden, it was an area for solitude and quiet.

Family exploring the Wilderness
Family exploring the Wilderness

'Silence is not the absence of something, but the presence of everything' - Gordon Hempton

Four of the Wilderness compartments contain wooden summerhouses and herbaceous planting. It's in one such compartment that Silent Space will be running - giving visitors the opportunity to spend a short time in silence and reflection just as visitors in the 17th century might have done.

Alongside the summerhouse there will be deckchairs for you to recline in and soak up the sunshine in a moment of tranquillity.