Things to see and do at The Hardmans' House

The kitchen at the Hardmans' House, Liverpool

Presented as it was in the 1950s during the height of their business, the house and all of the Hardmans' original possessions perfectly preserve what life was like for this talented couple.

From the waiting room to the studio, the kitchen to the bedroom and the darkrooms to the exhibition rooms, there's so much to see during a ninety minute tour.

Tour the studio and darkrooms

The house was both a business and home for the Hardmans. The majority of the house provided space for clients to wait, change their clothing and sit for photographs. Behind the scenes, the staff would be busy developing prints in the cellar and then preparing them to be sent to clients in the retouching room and mounting office. Come and listen to staff memories of their time here

Experience the cluttered living quarters

The Hardmans lived in just three small rooms within the house. Their main focus was the prosperity of the business so they didn't have much time for household chores. Preferring to dine out and to travel for inspiration, they spent very little time relaxing in their cramped living quarters at home.

Delve into our latest exhibitions

Our exhibition for 2017 focuses on the staff who worked at the Burrell & Hardman Photographic Studio. Get a glimpse into what it was really like to work there, with personal memories and fascinating facts about the roles they each played.

Relax in our beautiful walled garden

Enjoy our delightful little 1950s garden with its bird bath, stone bench and flowers planted by our volunteers. Sit outside with a freshly brewed cuppa from reception and wait for your tour to begin. Keep an eye out for the oldest rose bush in the garden from the Hardmans' time.

Take part in our children's quiz

Pick up one of our children's quizzes from reception and help Bick the dog on his adventure. There are many mysteries at the house so expect cryptic clues, rhyming riddles and curious questions.