The birds and the bees

Bee on a flower in the garden

We're humming with activity at Hare Hill. Whether it's the birds in the trees or the bees in the hives, there's a lot of life here!

We're all of a flutter

We’re proud of our bird hide; it was made by some of our regular volunteers and a team from Phoenix Futures.  Our bird feeders are stocked regularly to help encourage hungry visitors and a wide variety of woodland birds including Great Tits, Nuthatches and Blue Tits can be seen darting around.  If you’re lucky you may even hear the Tawny Owls or Woodpeckers.

Bird Walks

A number of bird walks are planned for this year, so please join us for a gentle stroll. Check out our events page for details.

The bees are buzzing

You’ll find a number of bee hives here at Hare Hill and our Head Gardener is actually also a keen bee keeper. Beekeeper Brian is at Hare Hill most Thursdays for an hour or so throughout the bee keeping season which runs from April through to September, if you want to know anything about bees, he’s the man!

Honey Bees are important for sustaining our ecosystem because they pollinate the majority of the fruit, vegetables and crops that end up on our plates. Without the honey bee, our environment could change dramatically. The plight of the honey bee illustrates perfectly the interconnectivity of living things.

Bee consciousness

We want to help more people understand and fully appreciate the crucial role that bees have within our ecosystem and food chain, so that more people are encouraged to act. Bee consciousness is vital, and we can all do something to help.

Simple things, such as providing the right habitats by planting bee-friendly plants, flowers and trees, will encourage bees into our gardens. We can all do our bit, whatever size space we have available.

Bees not only pollinate our flowers they also provide us with delicious honey. A summer garden wouldn’t be complete without the sound of bees buzzing around the flower borders. If you would like to know about what to plant to help encourage bees into your garden, our Head Gardener would be happy to give you some tips.

Did you know?

  •  Bees make different flavoured honey from different flower varieties
  •  One bee will only produce one teaspoon of honey in its lifetime
  •  There are around 30,000 bees in the average swarm
  •  There are around 60,000 bees in the average hive
  •  A bee can fly the distance of the earth to the moon in a single lifetime