Doggie do's and don'ts at Hatfield Forest

Couple walking a dog on woodland path

Whether you're a local dog walker who comes for a wander every day or visiting from further a field, we welcome dogs and seek to make yours and their day out as easy and relaxing as possible.

Doggie do's and don'ts

To help us ensure our visitors, dogs and wildlife get along together, please can you:
  • Keep your dogs on leads at all times in the lake area and also where sheep are grazing.
  • Dogs are allowed off lead elsewhere as long as you have a good recall and you keep your dog in sight at all times.
  • Dogs must not chase wildlife. We have both fallow and muntjac deer in the Forest.   If your dog has a strong chase instinct, keep him or her on the lead.
  • Pick up your dog's mess along the road, boardwalks and in the lake area and place it in a dog bin. (Dog mess bins are located in all car parks and along the internal road).
  • In the wider Forest, use a stick and flick dog mess into a bush.
  • Dogs are welcome to sit beside the picnic tables but not on top of chairs and tables, including in the Fisherman's Shelter.
  • There is a dog free zone in the lake area, clearly signed.