Finding fabulous fungi on Headley Heath

The scarlet elf cup fungus loves to grow on fallen branches

Take the opportunity to find out more about fungi as you walk around Headley Heath. As the leaves have fallen from the trees and the vegetation dies down, autumn and winter are great seasons for discovering the wonderful world of fungi.

Fungi are in a league of their own. Neither animals or plants, they form their own kingdom in the natural world and play an essential role in helping leaves and vegetation to decompose as part of the lifecycle of many woodland habitats.

They are present in the soil all the time but only become visible when they are fruiting, that is they are producing spores - their version of seeds. This is when the magic happens and a glorious array of coloured bodies and shapes suddenly appear. The best time to see this is after rain, when the ground is warm and moist.

We've selected some of our favourite fungi for you to seek.