Papillon House School visit Headley Heath

A poster created by a student from Papillon House School

Papillon House School is a special school for children aged 5-19 years with profound autistic spectrum disorders and associated challenging behaviours. Over the course of a few months, pupils from the school visited Headley Heath.

Papillon House School visit Headley Heath

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how people perceive the world and interact with others. Autistic people see, hear and feel the world differently to other people.

Papillon House School pupils visited Headley Heath over the course of several weeks and spent time with our ranger and volunteers. All pupils found this to be really beneficial and created some posters highlighting their strongest feelings about the heath.

What is autism?

Autism is a spectrum condition. All autistic people share certain difficulties, but being autistic will affect them in different ways, meaning people need different levels of support. All people on the autism spectrum learn and develop. As a school we are committed to enabling every child to experience success by developing their strengths, celebrating their achievements and acknowledging their unique personalities.

How Papillon House School pupils view Headley Heath

Some autistic people say the world feels overwhelming and this can cause them considerable anxiety. Autistic people may also experience over or under sensitivity to sounds, touch, tastes, smells, light, colours, temperatures or pain. For example, they may find certain background sounds, which other people ignore or block out, unbearably loud or distracting. This can cause anxiety or even physical pain.