Orchard Workshop

Outside of the Orchard Workshop at Heddon Valley

We are proud to offer a versatile new workshop space in the beautiful Heddon Valley. We hope this will be a space of learning, sharing and supporting; where imagination is inspired and caring for our natural environment, local community, and rural ways of living is promoted.

The orchard is a lovely place to picnic
An apple tree in the orchard at Heddon Valley
The orchard is a lovely place to picnic

About the space

The Orchard Workshop comprises of a small stone workshop with a level outdoor workspace and raised grassy banks of a small orchard. This adaptable space could be used for a variety of events and activities, including rural skills demonstrations, talks, storytelling and performances, community groups, training seminars, artist residencies or craft work.

The workshop is at a public intersection in the Heddon Valley next to the Hunter’s Inn, National Trust shop, ranger’s office, and public footpath towards Heddon’s Mouth. This central location has excellent passing footfall in the summer months, and offers good opportunities to engage with the public; roughly 80,000 visitors come to the Heddon Valley each year. It is expected that users of the workshop will be involved with some form of public interaction during their stay.

The interior of the Orchard Workshop at Heddon Valley
The inside of the Orchard Workshop at Heddon Valley
The interior of the Orchard Workshop at Heddon Valley

Updated for 2020 Bookings

The workshop is available to hire from April to September. The space is available to book for a minimum of one week (7 days) and a maximum of 2 weeks (14 days). A week lasts from Monday to Monday. There is a small suggested donation for the use of the workshop. Those wishing to use the Orchard Workshop to demonstrate rural skills, or deliver environmental learning/nature-based activities will be given booking priority. Please note due to licencing requirements artists are not able to directly sell from the Orchard Workshop; arrangements may be made to sell artwork through the Heddon Valley National Trust Shop.

For full terms and conditions please download a booking enquiry form:

Orchard Workshop Booking Enquiry Form 2020 (PDF / 0.0927734375MB) download

Orchard Workshop Calendar 2020 (PDF / 0.095703125MB) download

Please return any booking enquiry forms to northdevon@nationaltrust.org.uk.

All proceeds made from the workshop will support the conservation work of the West Exmoor ranger team.

" Maintaining a rustic charm, the Orchard Workshop is a place where one world blends into the next. Moving from car, through car park, past the shop, and into the orchard, visitors can brush off the binds of the human world as they are welcomed into the boundless beauty of Heddon Valley."
- Josey Field, Academy Ranger