Autumn at Hidcote

The Red Borders at autumn

Autumn is in full swing with bright, crisp days signaling the change in seasons. This is a busy time of year for our garden team as they start to prepare the garden for the upcoming dormant period and ensure vital conservation work takes place. But what’s happening and why?

Autumn lawn care programme

At this time of year it is essential that vital repair to our lawns takes place. As part of an on going cyclical programme many of the lawns will be sectioned off, aerated, scarified, re-seeded and then left to rest for the winter. Maintaining historically significant vistas, which includes lawns, plays a very important role in our care of Hidcote.

The Red Borders and lawn
The Red Borders and lawn

Hedge cutting

From August to March the 4.5 miles of hedges at Hidcote get their annual haircut. During this time there will be scaffolding and machinery around areas of the garden. A FAQ board will be situated next to where work is happening if you would like to find out more.

Just a small section of the extensive hedges
Just some of the many hedges that get cut annually

Manor house

It's not just the garden that requires intricate conservation work. Our 17th Century Manor house also needs regular upkeep. Scaffolding has been erected around areas of the house and barns to complete urgent repairs to the roof and windows.

The Manor house in 1907
The Manor house in 1907

Thank you

All of this work would not be possible without the support of our visitors and members. Every time you stroll around the garden, buy a second hand book, have a cup of tea - we hope accompanied by a piece of cake - or visit one of our shops, it helps fund vital work that keeps Hidcote alive for everyone to enjoy.