Volunteer profile: meet Dawn Jones

Dawn volunteering in the marketing department at Hidcote

Dawn Jones - Volunteer, Marketing Dept, Hidcote

Q  What interested you in volunteering within the marketing department at Hidcote?

For the past three years I've worked in Visitor Reception at Hidcote and alongside a fantastic team have enjoyed welcoming thousands of visitors to the outstanding gardens. Previous employment has included a wealth of tourism marketing both within the private and public sector and with both of my children recently fleeing the nest I felt it was time to enhance my marketing skills by getting involved in digital marketing campaigns involving all social media channels and website content implementation.

Q  How often do you volunteer and how long have you been supporting the marketing team?

I volunteer twice a week and this is now my second season of helping within the marketing office

Q  What are you getting out of your role and what do you think you're giving back?

A  I thoroughly enjoy being part of the marketing team and get great satisfaction when the work I'm involved in features on the Hidcote website or social media channels. Receiving comments and likes on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram always gives the whole team a real boost! I have 15 years of experience within tourism marketing and development which I'm happy to share with the Hidcote marketing team in whatever way supports their strategy.

Q  What are the benefits of volunteering for you?

A  The National Trust outlines three reasons to get volunteering : making new friends, working in amazing places and knowing that you're helping a great cause. I have to say that I agree wholeheartedly as I've made some fantastic friends at Hidcote and we really do have great fun together. Hidcote is such a wonderful place to work and after a busy day either working at Visitor Reception or volunteering in the marketing office a stroll around the gardens offers so many restorative benefits! Finally by volunteering I know, along with other volunteers of Hidcote, that I'm helping the cause of the National Trust which is the largest conservation charity in Europe.