What's new at Hill Top this year

The kitchen at Hill Top, Cumbria

Hill Top is now open seven days a week from June to the end of August - come on in...

Beatrix Potter enjoyed re-arranging the rooms at Hill Top – she was always tinkering, moving her favourite objects around and changing features right up until she died. And although it’s been over 70 years since she made her last changes, we make sure the house always reflects the many sides of her personality. 

A change is better than a rest

We continue to make changes, where we feel necessary, to reflect this spirt and help look after the house as best we can, such as rearranging furniture to improve the visitor flow in busy years, like 1997, after the release of the Miss Potter film.   

Let the light in

This year, in the Hall, for example, we have re-created the scene from a photograph which was taken around 1912 by Beatrix’s father. We’ve also started a phase of work to introduce some sensitive, low voltage, LED lighting into a few locations around the house, where appropriate. These small lights are amplifying the natural light already there and you probably won’t even notice them - that’s the beauty of it! 

Beatrix's spiritual home 

What’s important of course is that the spirit of the place never changes, so it continues to surprise and delight. Despite inevitable changes over time, the unique atmosphere Beatrix loved still enchants those who visit today.