Happy 150th Birthday Beatrix

Published : 27 Jul 2016 Last update : 10 Aug 2016

The 28 July marked 150 years since Beatrix Potter was born and Hill Top hosted a very special party.

We celebrated with Morris dancing, face painting, stories and lots of cake! 

It wouldn't be a party without cake!
a tray full of 150th Birthday cupcakes, at Hill Top Cumbria
It wouldn't be a party without cake!

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Did you know? 

Here are ten fun Beatrix Potter facts to get the party started: 

  1. She was a sneaky young lady; between the ages of 14 and 30 she kept a coded diary which remained a mystery until 1958.

  2. Growing up animals were her best friends, she kept dogs, mice, bats, birds, guinea pigs, hedgehogs…and of course rabbits!  

  3. For over ten years she painted and studied mushrooms. She investigated how they reproduced and wrote a paper on germinating fungal spores that was presented at the prestigious Linnean Society. 

  4. Beatrix supported the Girl Guides for years, letting them camp on her land in the Lakes or offering up a barn for shelter if the weather was too much for their tents! Find out how the GirlGuides are honouring her today.

  5. She wasn’t the best cook: “There were probably more disputes over bacon and plain potatoes than any other eatable. I can do both – and very little else!”

  6. But she was a very caring and attentive wife: “…Mr Heelis walks through the toes on his stocking so it is lucky I like darning!” 

  7. She was a shrewd business woman: in 1933 Beatrix turned the parlour at Yew Tree Farm into a tearoom to help make the farm pay. Just one example of her forward thinking. 

  8. She remained modest and unpretentious; anyone who suggested that her painting was ‘art’ would be told: “Great rubbish, absolute bosh!” 

  9. She really knew her sheep and in 1944 Beatrix was voted president-elect for the Herdwick Sheep Breeders’ Association. She would have been the first woman ever elected to the presidency but sadly died before she could take the post.

  10. She worked like a trooper until the end; “I would rather keep going till I drop – early or late – never mind what the work is, so long as it is useful and well done.” 

Beatrix Potter at Keswick show

In 2016 we’re saying thank you to Beatrix Potter 

In July 2016, Beatrix Potter would have been 150! So it’s a great opportunity to have the biggest year of birthday celebrations to say ‘Thanks, Beatrix’ in lots of different ways.