Summer gardens at Hinton Ampner

Picture of mushroom shaped topiary at Hinton Ampner

With meandering paths, flower-filled avenues and hidden dells to discover, Hinton Ampner's garden is the perfect place to while away a summer's afternoon.

In creating his idea of a rural idyll, Hinton's former owner and the creator of its luxurious garden, Ralph Dutton, designed a series of tranquil garden 'rooms', each with their own distinctive identity. It is widely acknowledged as a masterpiece of 20th-century garden design and it mixes formal and informal planting with fine vistas throughout.

The Dell and the pathways to the East of the house have a much wilder feel than the rest of the garden, with secret paths and hidden spots to soak in the sun. These areas are often not accessible in the winter months due to the damp conditions underfoot, but in summer they provide a cool, green oasis to explore.

Explore the different 'rooms' in our garden
View of the Octagon garden at Hinton Ampner, Hampshire
Explore the different 'rooms' in our garden

The walled garden

Dating back to the Tudor house we think that the walled garden could have originally been the hop garden.
Lined with espalier apple and pear trees, the garden is once again being used to grow a rich variety of organic fruits and vegetables. 
You can also enjoy the blooms from the flower garden inside as well as out as they are used for arrangements displayed in the house. 

Hinton's kitchen garden is packed with shape and colour in summer
Big flower borders with stone path in the middle and church in background
Hinton's kitchen garden is packed with shape and colour in summer

Stunning displays of roses

Eye-catching topiary, exotically-coloured dahlias and borders of heavily scented roses lead onto formal terraces, and panoramic views across the South Downs.  There are over 90 varieties of rose on show, giving delicious fragrance and colour well into August. Look out for a mass of highly scented ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’ tea rose shrubs beside the pond, and rambler a huge rambling Kiftsgate rose, scrambles through the trees in the Dell and fills the air with scent.

Gypsy Boy rose at Hinton Ampner

Blooming lovely roses at Hinton Ampner

Roses are our summer highlight at Hinton, with over 100 varieties on show.