Visiting Hinton Ampner: What you need to know

The south front at Hinton Ampner, Hampshire

We have reopened the garden, parkland, estate, café and toilets at Hinton Ampner. Below is some helpful information about what to expect and what is on offer. Things may seem a little different, however all measure have been put in place to keep our staff, volunteers and visitors safe.

What to expect when you arrive and car parking

When arriving please have your pre booked ticket ready to show our welcome team. If you are also a member of the National Trust please also have your membership card ready. Our welcome team may ask for your surname to easily log your visit into our booking system. You will be asked to show your tickets through your car window and our welcome team will stand away from your car to maintain social distancing.

All tickets are booked in time slots. This helps us to control the number of visitors that we have on site so that we can avoid overcrowding. If you’re more than 10 minutes late for your arrival slot then entry will be at the discretion of the property team. To avoid overcrowding, please limit your visit to a maximum of 3 hours.

Our car parks are open and our welcome team will advise you where is best to park when you show them your tickets. We also have accessibility parking available – please speak to a member of the welcome team and they will direct you.

Staying safe

We currently have a one way system in place around our formal gardens. This is in place to ensure that people are able to maintain social distancing as well as avoid overcrowding. Some areas of the property have been closed to avoid potential overcrowding as there isn’t enough room for people to pass each other safely. We also have an accessible route which maintains social distancing. These routes are clearly marked around the property.

Our estate walks offer the chance to explore the wider countryside. We have large scale maps that you are welcome to take a photograph of to help you follow the route. We are asking that everyone follows social distancing guidelines whilst enjoying the wider estate. Out toilet facilities and café are operating a ‘one in, one out’ system to ensure that everybody has enough space and can safely move around the site.

Wander through towering beech avenues at Hinton Ampner
Beech avenues at Hinton Ampner, Hampshire
Wander through towering beech avenues at Hinton Ampner

To help keep everyone safe, please follow social distancing and government guidance when you visit. Look out for signs while you’re here which will explain any changes to how you can access different parts of the site. If you’re showing any of the symptoms of coronavirus, or if you’ve been in contact with anyone that had the virus in the last 14 days, please don’t visit.


Our toilets are open on site. We are operating a ‘one in, one out’ policy to ensure that social distancing measures can be used. Accessible facilities are also available in the courtyard next to the mansion.

Our shop is open daily stocking a range of National Trust goods, local products and plants. Why not treat yourself to something delicious from our food and drink range or get inspired with our garden range.

Our café is open currently serving hot and cold drinks, cream teas, a selection of light snacks, made to order sandwiches and ice creams. Visitors are welcome to picnic in the wider parkland and estate. We ask that visitors please avoid picnicking in the formal garden to avoid overcrowding. Please take any rubbish home with you.

Freshly made coffee
Freshly made coffee
Freshly made coffee


We have accessibility parking and toilet facilities available. When you arrive please make our welcome team aware that you would like to use the accessible car parking and they will guide you. Accessible toilet facilities are available in the courtyard next to the mansion. We have created an accessible one way route around the site. This is clearly marked with arrows to guide you around when you visit. We are currently unable to offer and mobility scooters or wheelchairs to loan to visitors, due to current government guidelines.

How to book

All visitors must book a ticket in advance, including members. Entry and parking is free for members, but please bring your membership card with you. Non-members will need to pay in advance.
•Please book one ticket per person, except for children aged 5 or under as they don’t need a ticket.
•You’ll need to choose a 30-minute arrival time for the day you want to visit.
•The timeslot is for your arrival time only
•Tickets are for your use only and are not available for resale
•We'll send your booking confirmation by email. Please make sure you fill in your correct email address when you book to ensure you receive your confirmation email.

Every Friday we'll release new bookings for visits the following week. You can book up to 18 hours before a timeslot.

Due to limited spaces, we’re asking that you only book once a week to allow others a chance to visit.

Help support key workers

To say thank you to our nation's key workers and all they have done for us, we're encouraging visitors to keep the first and last slots of each day free for key workers to use. While we are unable to 'reserve' these slots exclusively for key workers, we hope you will join us in thanking them by leaving these times free. If you or someone in your group are a key worker, please take the opportunity to book these early and late timeslots.

Upcoming events

Timed entry to Hinton Ampner (3 August - 9 August)

Thu 06 Aug 2020
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