Holiday cottages through the ages

Our holiday cottages offer a treasure chest full of rich history and heritage waiting to be discovered.

Uncover the unique styles of our holiday cottages, castles and manor houses throughout time. Experience life in a medieval cottage, enjoy the seaside glamour of an Art-Deco villa or uncover stories of the past at a smugglers lookout cottage peering out over the cliffs.

Since opening our first cottage in the late 1940s in the Lake District, every holiday booked has helped to restore these historic places so we can protect their unique characters. Working with local craftspeople and historians, we have carefully created modern interiors that are fresh and in keeping with the period of the building.

Medieval castles and manor houses

Styles through history

Uncover stories of the past

Discover more holiday cottages

With over 400 holiday cottages to choose from, discover more properties and their histories in amazing locations to share with friends and family.