Events at Hudswell Woods

Visitors finding a geocache box at Hudswell Woods

We have a wide range of events to tempt you and get you outdoors and closer to nature at Hudswell Woods.

Join our rangers and complete your 50 Things to do before your 11¾ list. Build a den using the natural materials found in the woodland around you. Make sure you pick a sturdy tree to lean it against and don't forget to include a roof as when you have finished you can sit inside and enjoy a picnic.
If you prefer to go on a treasure hunt why not give geocaching a go? It's a great way to discover the hidden secrets of the countryside. Using a GPS device follow the directions towards the hidden treasure. Listen carefully for the beep and make sure you have remembered the clue as you will need that to help you look around. Once you have found it take a prize but make sure to swap it if you find something better in later boxes.
Still looking for more to do? Then have a go at stone skimming - challenge your friends and see whose stone can reach the other side of the river first.
There's plenty to see and do. For a full listing or to book one of our events, please contact us on 01729 830416 or email us.