Learning at Hughenden

School visit to the walled garden

The education department at Hughenden offers four experience days for school groups. Each experience day includes opportunities to visit the manor, handle historic artefacts and explore the walled garden or visit the wider estate. Read on to find out about each experience day and how to arrange your visit.

Experience days

Mystery visit (KS1) 

Who lived in a house like this? With notebook in hand, explore the walled garden, manor and countryside. Find clues to solve the mystery of who Hughenden's famous residents were and which Queen visited the Manor. 

The Victorian laundry room at The Victorian Laundry, Yorkshire
The Victorian laundry room at The Victorian Laundry, York, Yorkshire
The Victorian laundry room at The Victorian Laundry, Yorkshire

Victorian life (KS2)

Come and see what life was like during the Victorian era. See how the laundry was done, lay the table for important guests and understand how the kitchen garden provided food for residents and staff. Every group will have a volunteer-led tour of the manor.

Hughenden WW2 ice house room
Hughenden WW2 ice house room
Hughenden WW2 ice house room

Second World War (KS2)

Find out what life like at Hughenden during the Second World War? The students are taken to the 1940s living room, shelter and icehouse to experience first hand what it was like. We run hands-on sessions around make do and mend, rationing, morse code and map reading.

Victorian Christmas (KS 1 & 2) 

Visit Hughenden in November and learn about how the  Victorian celebrated Christmas. The day starts in the church followed by a visit to the woodman’s cottage ending with discovering what Christmas was like in the  Manor house.

Useful information

Price: Experience days are charged at £4.50 per child for schools that hold Education Group Membership or £6.50 per child for schools without. The Victorian Christmas event is £7.80 per child.

Education Group Membership allows education groups free entry to National Trust places across the country. Sign up on site, call us on 01494 755573 or email: hughenden@nationaltrust.org.uk for further details.

Times: Experience days typically run from 10am to 2.30pm.

Numbers: Maximum 60 children per day, except Second World War which has a capacity of 30 children.

Other information: Activities take place inside, led by our Learning and Events Officer and team of experienced volunteers. Lunch will be taken outside in the orchard, weather permitting. Toilets are adjacent to the classroom. If you have students with mobility issues please mention this to the Learning and Events Officer when booking. 

How to book; To book or discuss your school visit or to notify us of a self-led visit please contact our Learning and Events Officer on 01494 755587 or email moira.andrews@nationaltrust.org.uk