Community spirit at Ickworth

Ickworth and the Hervey family have a long standing history of being involved in the local community, from holding tea parties with the local primary school to being members of societal groups. Ickworth continues this legacy with links to the local community, school and parish council.

Visitors in the garden at Ickworth, Suffolk

Neighbours of Ickworth  

Horringer and Chevington residents can access Ickworth all year round, with our Neighbours of Ickworth permits.

St Marys Church Ickworth

St Mary's at Ickworth 

Within the grounds of Ickworth sits St Mary’s Church: the oldest part of the Estate

St Nichs ickworth

Stepping Forward with St Nicholas Hospice 

Stepping Forward is a bereavement walking group which uses nature and the great outdoors to help with bereavement