Local History

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A packaged Discovery Session looking at the people who lived and worked at Ightham Mote as well as the local environment and buildings at the property.

Curriculum Links

  • KS1-2 Geography: Locational and place knowledge; Human and physical geography; Geography skills and fieldwork
  • KS1 History: Significant historical events - people and places in their own locality
  • KS2 History: Local history study; A study over time tracing several aspects of local history; A study of an aspect of history; A site significant in the locality

This innovative and practical workshop will enable pupils to understand how and why Ightham Mote was built on its present site. Pupils will also learn about different buildings and the important people that lived in them. Through these investigations, pupils will develop a range of historical and geographical skills.

Group size: Up to one class per day. No minimum group size, however charge will be based on a minimum of 15.

Key stage: This workshop is aimed at Key Stage 2 but is able to be tailored for Key Stage 1.

Session duration: Five hours

Location: House and gardens.

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Example timetable

If the day is going to be raining, we withhold the right to communicate with you a wet weather plan that will still include the relevant activities for your class.

9.30-9.45am Arrive and welcome at Visitor Reception.

10.00am Tour of house. Beginning with a discussion about the land use at Ightham Mote and the local environment, pupils will then be guided through the house, looking at who lived there and their impact on Ightham Mote and the local area.

11.00am Pupils divide into 2 groups. The workshops below will be running alongside each other at the same time until lunch time. After lunch, pupils will swap over and complete the workshops they didn’t do in the morning session.

12.15pm Lunchtime in education room. N.B. Lunch may be shortened to ensure morning and afternoon sessions are of equal length based upon arrival/ departure time

12.45pm As sessions before lunch

2.00pm Plenary

2.15pm Depart

History Based workshops

Land use at Ightham Mote: 15 mins. Pupils will discuss land use at Ightham Mote through a mapping activity. Pupils will then divide again into two more groups

Activity 1: Handling Objects. Pupils will discover objects handled by rich and poor people. Discussions around these objects and the people that may have lived and worked at Ightham Mote. Comparisons to the 21st Century.

Activity 2: Buildings and features at Ightham Mote. Through sketching, pupils will learn about key architectural features in rooms at Ightham Mote.


Geography & Science based workshop:

Where your food comes from identification session:

  • Pupils will learn about the meals a rich person and poor person in Tudor and Victorian times might have eaten and where it may have come from.
  • Pupils will be able to identify a range of herbs used for food, still grown in today in IM gardens.
  • Pupils will learn about the meals a rich person and poor person in Tudor and Victorian times might have eaten and where it may have come from.
  • Pupils will understand how we obtain food today with that of earlier settlements

Using a simple matching activity, pupils will identify plants, herbs and vegetables in the Cutting Garden that can be used as ingredients to discuss / invent their own meal. This could be done as an extension activity back at school.

Activity 1: Tour of the Servants' quarter. Pupils will be guided on a tour of the servants’ quarter, looking at the handling objects cooks would have used and discussing the people who would have worked in the Kitchen.

Activity 2: in the Scullery. Butter making, peppermint tea making.

Please note: these activities and workshops can be tailored or swapped for other workshop sessions such as a heraldic workshop or games / toys workshop.


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All Discovery Sessions can be planned to be age appropriate and cross curricular, tailored to your needs. A great way to enjoy learning outside the classroom in a safe and enriching environment.

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