Ightham's hidden quarters

The southeast quarter at Ightham Mote has always previously remained hidden to visitors. This secret space includes the former servants' working space. It is now being opened for special short tours on selected days in April-July.

Previously used for a range of purposes, the southeast quarter of the house has always been closed to visitors and opening it up fulfills a long term ambition to share the kitchen, dining room scullery and small courtyard with visitors.

Parts of the southeast quarter date back as far as the 14th century, however it has changed significantly through the centuries. While visiting the rooms you can learn about the construction and changes, what used to be found in there including the kitchen and pantry contents, as well a memories of those that lived and worked there.

The opening of this space allows us to share more of our stories, relating to the domestic areas of the house. What you can see today presents the rooms as they are with some basic history based upon the information we have available. We welcome feedback from visitors on ideas for how we can present these areas in the future - comment cards are available in the kitchen.

The southeast quarter rooms are open to visitors for special short Behind the Doors Tours on selected days in 2019.