November opening at Ightham Mote

The north-east corner of Ightham Mote glows in autumn sunlight

With the house having a rest, wrap up warm and discover something different.

Weekday house exterior tours

When people first see Ightham Mote, we often hear them say 'wow' and quickly grab their camera to take a photo before rushing into the house. Very few stop to look at the house in detail, which is such a shame. We understand that this may seem to be a complex house, with different additions throughout history, but now we are offering the chance to understand more.

Why was the house built here? What made it such an ideal location? How has the house developed over the centuries? These are just some of the questions we'd like to try and answer.

With the house closed on weekdays from Monday 31 October - Friday 25 November we hope to run complimentary tours around the outside on the hour between 11am - 2.30pm (subject to volunteer tour guide availability). The tours will last for approximately 30-40 minutes.


Weekend opening

During the first three weekends in November (5-6, 12-13 and 19-20) the ground floor of the house is open for you to get a flavour of Ightham Mote's decorated house before the official Christmas opening on Sat 26 and Sun 27 November.

As has been the tradition of the country house from the eighteenth and nineteenth century, the upstairs of the house has been put to bed to allow our conservation team to carry out their work.    



In Visitor Reception, learn more about the award winning conservation programme that saved Ightham Mote. Lasting 15 years, the £10 million conservation project was, at the time, the biggest project the National Trust had carried out.



With the opening of the newly re-instated historic pathway through the orchard, the garden is more accessible than ever. With a hard path once again linking the formal area with the north pleasure grounds this is your chance to discover the garden in winter.   



Ightham Mote is more than just a house and garden, it's surrounded by a 546 acre estate. With plateau hilltops, steep valley sides, woodland and farmland, the estate provides wonderful walks and vistas across the Kent countryside, in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.