Spring in the garden at Ightham Mote

Looking across the daffodil filled orchard to the north side of the house on a sunny day

Spring is a breath of fresh air. The days are becoming longer; the weather is getting warmer and the garden is beginning to burst with colour.

You'll currently see the hellebores and snowdrops in pockets around the gardens. The vibrant crocuses have awaken from their slumber and now bring rich yellows and purples to the spring mix. Look out for the Daphne near the shop, with it's incredible fragrance. As each day passes, more flora awaken from their winter sleep bringing new shapes, colours and interest.

The daffodils with their trumpets proud, herald the arrival of spring with a lavish mass of vibrant blooms underneath the apple trees in the orchard.

Blossoms and blooms

As spring progresses, the delicate Cherry blossom bursts forth on the eastern terrace, followed by the apple blossom in the orchard. Whilst in the north pleasure grounds, the more showy blooms of the camellias and rhododendrons take centre stage.

Spring blossom on the Eastern Terrace
Cherry blossom in bloom with daffodils in the grass below, on the Eastern Terrace at Ightham Mote
Spring blossom on the Eastern Terrace

The cutting garden starts to come into its own, providing flowers for display in the house. Elsewhere in the garden, the regal Crown Imperial stands on ceremony, whilst the Aubretia cascades over the moat walls.

As spring draws near to a close, look out for the gloriously scented rose 'Zepherine Drouhin' framing the entrance to the outer hall.

The sweetly scented Rosa 'Zépherine Drouhin' in bloom in the courtyard
The pink, sweetly scented Rosa 'Zépherine Drouhin' in flower around the entrance door
The sweetly scented Rosa 'Zépherine Drouhin' in bloom in the courtyard