Bushcraft and Survival Skills

wood carving workshop

We can offer tailor made bushcraft and survival skills sessions for your group or club here at Kedleston. From lighting fires to water purification our learning team can teach you the skills you may need in a survival situation.

Ever wondered how you would cope if you had to survive in the wilderness? Do you have the skills you would need to build a fire, shelter, find food and purify water? We can tailor sessions to suit you groups individual requirements depending on size of group and ages of children.

Possible activities include:

Fire lighting, shelter building, cordage, knots and lashing, water purification, wild food, tree and wildlife identification, 

 Contact our learning coordinator Charlotte Repton for more information.

Charlotte Repton, Learning Co-ordinator, Kedleston Hall

Tel: 07920822564

Email: charlotte.repton@nationaltrust.org.uk


March - October


£4.65 per child without Education Group Membership

£2 per child with Education Group Membership