Geography and Map skills

Two girls mapreading with compass

Being able to read a map is an essential life skill, despite the common use of satellite navigation systems they are no replacement for a map and a compass.

With the technology available in our modern age do we even need to learn how to read a map? In our eye absolutely YES! and not just for navigational purposes! Yes of course it is an essential skill should you find yourself stranded in the wilderness or hiking remote peaks (you never know what your students may grow up to be) but it is also a key learning tool.

Map reading is a great way to encourage chidren to really engage with their surroundings, what can you see? How far away do you think that is? Where you you think we are? It helps to develop spacial awareness, judgement of distances, geography knowledge and of course it does create that all important sense of adventure.

All sessions can be tailored to suit individual year groups at KS1 and KS2.

As our workshops are so flexible we advise contacting our learning coordinator Charlotte Repton to discuss further.

Charlotte Repton, Learning Co-ordinator, Kedleston Hall



Our Geography and mapping workshops are available all year round. This is an outdoor workshop and we go ahead whatever the great British climate throws at us (unless there is a safety concern)


£5.15 per student without Education Group Membership

£2.50 per student with Education Group Membership