Stream dipping and minibeasting

Boy looking to see what he has caught in his pond dipping net

Not everyone is a fan of creepy crawlies but believe us they should be! Here at Kedleston we love them and the vital work they do. Using nets, sampling pots and digital microscopes we'll be getting a closer look and learning more about our invertebrate friends.

We do all we can to provide suitable habitats for invertebrates as without them our parkland wouldn't be half as lovely! From flower pollination to water filtration to composting invertibrates play a vital role in supporting a healthy ecostyem. This workshop will explore the types of creatures we have here at Kedleston, they role thay play and how we look after them.

 Contact our learning coordinator Charlotte Repton for more information.

Charlotte Repton, Learning Co-ordinator, Kedleston Hall

Tel: 07920822564



March - October


£4.65 per child without Education Group Membership

£2 per child with Education Group Membership