Caring for your Christmas tree

Buy a locally sourced Christmas tree at Killerton.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a beautifully decorated tree. This festive season, we’re selling two varieties of locally grown Christmas trees in Killerton’s Plant Centre. Buy yours at Killerton to help support the estate.

Nordmann Fir

The Nordmann Fir is currently the top choice for indoor Christmas trees. The lush, glossy, green needles are soft and compact making it easy to decorate. The strong branches will support your lights and decorations to create a stunning display. Excellent needle retention can be achieved from £36. Sizes available from 4ft to 8ft.

Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce is the 'traditional' Christmas tree. Strong branches make for easy decorating, although the needles can be a little spikey and are prone to dropping in heated rooms. Keep outside for as long as possible then bring in to a cool room for best needle retention. Prices start at £18. Sizes are available from 4ft to 9ft.

Here are Killerton’s top tips for preserving the life of your Christmas tree:

  • As soon as you’ve purchased your tree, make sure it’s kept in water and stored in a cool place if you’re not planning to decorate it straight away. A hydrated tree is a happy tree.
  • Check your tree twice daily to ensure it hasn’t slurped all its water. Top up when necessary. 
  • If you can, trim a little off the base of your tree’s trunk when you get home to open up the pores of the wood. 
  • Keep your tree as far as you can away from a heat source, such as a fireplace. The heat will dry out the tree and the needles will drop a lot quicker.

Take a peek inside the shop at Christmas to see what decorations are on offer. It's open everyday of the festive season from 10am – 5.30pm (closed Christmas day).

Pre-orders are available, please ask in store or phone 01392 881345.

Two variesties of Christmas tree are on offer here at Killerton
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