Harp concert with Elizabeth-Jane Baldry

Come and see Elizabeth-Jane Baldry perform a harp concert at Killerton, Devon

The Music Room will come alive to the sound of Elizabeth-Jane Baldry playing the harp on selected dates in December. We caught up with her to ask her a few questions about her sold out concerts at Killerton.

Elizabeth Jane still continues to delight and entrance her audience, performing an array of music that spans over five centuries. She is also the world’s only silent movie harpist, having created accompaniments for early film and TV. Despite her performances being broadcast across BBC Radio amongst other radio stations worldwide, Killerton feels like family to Elizabeth. 

How many years have you played the harp concert at Killerton?

It must be about twenty years and it's still one of my favourite places to perform.

You’ve played many times, what do you enjoy most about playing at Killerton?

The romance of the Christmas decorations and the intimate atmosphere in the music room create an aura of the past. It's really transporting. It feels like family. The house is so alive.

Is there anything new / exciting / different happening at this year’s concert that you’d like to promote?

Oh yes - I'm playing an incredible Flamenco piece this year. It's absolutely sensational on the harp, and thrillingly exciting to play.
To find out more about Elizabeth-Jane visit the Fairy Harp website.
Take a look inside the Music Room, and even play the piano
A glimpse into the Music Room at Killerton, Devon