Shared memories of Killerton

Children outside making lanterns with a forest school teacher

Killerton was home to school children in the war and students from St Luke's teaching college in the 1960s and 1970s. Sometimes they and their friends return as visitors. Here is a small selection of these memories shared with us over time.

Battle Abbey School student:

'My dormitory was the music room and my house room (St Patrick’s) and geography room directly above it.

Church every Sunday in the Chapel – the boys of Vinehall on one side while we were on the other.

Lacrosse way down in the park (it seemed miles to go).

Guide camps in the woods.

Collecting walnuts which stained our hands dreadfully. Also sweet chestnuts which we roasted on the classroom fires.

Heard the big air-raids on Exeter.

Played squash, a great treat and great fun.'

St Luke’s students and friends:

'A frequent visitor for ‘hops’ and to revise - behind closed eyelids - in the gardens. Struck by how many different shades of green you can have all in one place. Happy days!'

'Many happy memories of Sir Richard both as a lecturer at college and also many extra-curricular activities, especially with the canoe club. We managed to sink a double canoe together on the Exe during the 1960 Great Flood and squelched back to Killerton for tea in his flat where Lady Acland was making marmalade.'

'Fond memories of activities as diverse as orienteering and 60s dancing from the era when Sir Richard would wander around at social functions with a portable public address system slung over his shoulder in order to keep order in this beautiful place.'

'I would endorse all that has been said so far in this book. Happy days here and fond memories of Sir Richard and Lady Anne. He was 60 when he thrashed me at squash, and I remember the Education lecture when he fell off the stage.

Great parties and great evenings in the bar...and the Killerton rugby team was far better than the Lukes’ 1st team!'