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Bolberry Down walk, South Devon

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The common blue is the most widespread blue butterfly in Britain and Ireland and is found in a variety of grassy habitats including down land, coastal dunes, road verges and woodland clearings.
The males wings have a bright blue upperside, the female is primarily brown, with a highly variable amount of blue.
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2. Speckled wood butterfly
They are most commonly found in woodland, gardens and hedgerows. They are often found perched in sunny spots.
The speckled wood is dark brown with creamy white patches on the wings.
3. Gate keeper butterfly
Gate keeper butterflies are found at field edges and along hedgerows and you can expect to find this butterfly in scrubby grassland, woodland rides and country lanes.
They look similar to the meadow brown butterflies with orange and brown wings with a black eyespot on the forewing tip. The eyespots have two white pupils whereas the meadow brown has just one.