What's happening with fashion?

The fashion team at Killerton busily packing away the fashion collection.

Vital conservation works to Killerton’s roof are nearly complete, which means we are working on an exciting new fashion exhibition for 2018.

Fashion and the roof project

Killerton’s leaking roof has been repaired, securing the future of our precious collections and the fabric of the house. The first floor, home to our annual fashion exhibitions, will be re-open for Christmas, and an exciting new fashion exhibition will be open in 2018.

What are the team up to?

Charlotte Eddington, Assistant to the Costume Curator

Charlotte has almost completed a huge amount of work to check and log the location of every object in our mansion store room, assisted by volunteers Linda, Vicky, Natalie, Galina, Sandie and Renee. During the next stage of the project the team will examine every object in the main stores. With over 20,000 objects on our collections database, this is no mean feat!

We’ll also be reviewing storage and preventive conservation needs over the year. We’ll share stories and images from Charlotte and the volunteer team as the work progresses.

Charlotte Eddington, Assistant Curator at Killerton.
Charlotte Eddington, Assistant Curator at Killerton.
Charlotte Eddington, Assistant Curator at Killerton.

Shelley Tobin, Costume Curator

Shelley will be undertaking a review of the collection, updating records, accessioning objects, overseeing the work in the stores, and dealing with enquiries as usual.  As there won’t be an exhibition to see this year, she’ll also be producing content for the monthly blogs and #Fashionfriday themed posts for Killerton’s Twitter feed.  Volunteers Sam and Natalie will be filming behind the scenes too.

Shelley Tobin, Costume Curator at Killerton.
Shelley Tobin, Costume Curator at Killerton.
Shelley Tobin, Costume Curator at Killerton.

Collections review

Over the year, the team will show how Killerton cares for the collection and explain what accessioning entails and how we go about documenting, packing and condition checking objects.

The fashion team will take the opportunity to review what’s in the store so the team can have a better understanding of the significance of the collections Killerton looks after. After it arrived at Killerton in the late 1970s, the collection begun by Paulise de Bush was developed by her friend Atherton Harrison, who produced all of the costume displays until 1994. Many of the objects the team will encounter were nicknamed ‘the props’ by Atherton, revealing her theatrical background. The team will also have a chance to think about whether some of these stored pieces of furniture or other decorative objects might be better placed elsewhere in the National Trust where they might be of more relevance and can be displayed. Shelley will also be conducting a long term review of the dress collection itself. Watch this space for news of some real treasures!

What about work on the 2018 exhibition?

Don’t worry – when the team return to the workroom they’ll be focusing on the new fashion exhibition planned for 2018. More news of that to come later in the year.

January Blues? Not the fashion crew! What could be better than the prospect of spending a year ‘through the wardrobe’?