Working in the garden

killerton garden gardener lawn mow devon

Managing a historic garden and plant collection throws up all sorts of challenges. Our team of gardeners and garden volunteers keep busy maintaining paths, looking after champion trees and keeping the garden looking fabulous.

The gardeners are always busy but always approachable if you have any questions about plants, landscape design, or where to go for a walk. A great way to explore the garden is to take one of the garden tours, look out for the noticeboard in front of the house which tells you when they start.

Footpath Repairs

A steep zig-zag path runs towards The Clump in the garden and this autumn needed a big repair job. The gardeners prepared the path by lightly breaking up the surface and adding roughly 45 tonnes of topsoil (mostly by wheelbarrow!) to cover all the tree routes and reinstate the required levels.  They allowed the soil to settle and then laid down about 400 square meters of specialist wear & tear turf (more wheelbarrow action, all uphill).  

" I would like to thank my garden team for the many days of hard work transporting soil and turf up and down the hill and their high quality of work. They'll be happy not to push a wheelbarrow for a few weeks after tackling that slope!"
- Karl Emeleus

killerton garden work path repair devon

As you can see below it’s made a world of difference and should help our visitors to explore the higher parts of the garden more easily.  Over the next couple of years we aim to do the same to other problematic grass paths in the upper garden and will then carry out annual maintenance to keep them looking good and to remain open throughout the year.  

killerton garden work path repair devon
killerton garden path repair work devon