Fashion blogs

Here you'll find monthly blogs written by Killerton's Costume Curator, as she uncovers the history behind special pieces from the costume collection.

Killerton peacock day dress detail

Amy Kotze, Dressmaker to the cause

This month we take a closer look at designer Amy Kotze.

Marching Suffragettes c.1908

Dress for votes

Dress was important during the fight for Women's votes, our Curator discusses some items in this month's fashion blog.

Packing the fashion collection.

Behind the scenes in the workroom

See what the costume department are busy working on at the moment.

A collection of photos

A diva's wardrobe?

The beginnings of a collection.

A neckline of violets

Violet time

Discover more about this stunning dress.

Top of a corset

Shaping up for the future

Find out about this stunning corset.

Killerton's collection

Find photographs and details of thousands of items, from dress patterns to ballgowns to underwear and shawls.