Roof project draws to a close

The roof project has drawn to a close at Killerton

Killerton House is watertight

The project to care for Killerton is complete, and the scaffolding has been removed. You can read all about the project in the timeline below.

You can visit the garden and estate, however the house as closed as planned as we prepare for Christmas at Killerton. We reopen on Saturday 25 November.

Thank you for your support

The Acland family left Killerton to the Trust in 1944 so everybody could enjoy this special place. Thanks to you, we've just reached our £100k target. But the fundraising journey doesn't stop, caring for this special place is an ongoing commitment. Your donations will always make a difference, helping us to keep caring for the estate for future generations to enjoy. Thank you.

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06 Nov 17

Scaffolding coming down

Visitors to Killerton may have noticed that there are some changes going on up on the roof. Now that the lanterns are finished and the roof is sealed tight it means the scaffolding can start to come down. Over the next few weeks it will come down ready for our Christmas opening on 25 November. For the moment this also means to get through to the garden visitors will need to go up Front Park bank to the Dairy gate.

Scaffolders removing the scaffolding.

23 Oct 17

Small lantern is finished

The end is getting closer and closer, this glass specialist is placing the final piece of conserved glass back into the small lantern. This is a massive milestone for the roof project and means that the scaffolding inside can now start to come down, ready for our Christmas opening on the 25 November.

Glass being put into the small lantern.

09 Oct 17

Limewashing the chimneys

The chimneys are being given their first coats of limewash! This marks a big milestone – all 7 chimneys are up and (almost) ready for action! Not long now until they can be tested to ensure they work perfectly.

Builders limewashing the chimneys