Garden theatre: Macbeth

Please see the statement below from The Lord Chamberlain's Men

Visitors watching garden theatre at Killerton

It is with a huge sense of sadness I am announcing that our tour of Macbeth this summer is postponed. This decision is based on the latest Government advice and projections following the outbreak of Covid-19. 

The production was due to begin rehearsals on April 20th, open on May 29th and run until September 27th visiting more than 70 venues in 6 countries across 18 weeks. 
Many of our venues have already shut down and will remain closed for the foreseeable future. The Government has strongly advised against mass gatherings and may move to ban them completely. We don't know how things will develop over the coming months and cannot risk continuing under those circumstances. 

As well as going against Government guidelines we feel that it is unsafe and inappropriate for us to continue. It is unsafe from a health and safety perspective to ask you to congregate in large groups, it is risky at best and, at worst, irresponsible. It is also unsafe and, again, irresponsible to ask our actors to risk their health and safety. Throughout the rehearsal period and tour, they work in close quarters for almost 6 months. In the current circumstances that is an unbelievable health risk. Were one actor diagnosed with or to present any symptoms everyone would need to isolate, and the production would grind to a halt. 

Additionally, it is particularly unsafe for us financially. We exist solely on income from ticket sales with no back up of any kind or additional funding. With the current circumstances we cannot guarantee venues will be open and if audiences will be able to risk coming even if they wanted to. That risk is far too great and threatens our continued existence as a company. 

This decision, as painful as it is, is the only decision that ensures the health and safety of the wonderful actors and creatives that we work with and you, our cherished audience. It is also the only option that ensures the company can survive and continue into the future. It will be an extraordinarily difficult year ahead for the company, many other people in the entertainment industry, other affected industries and, particularly, for those faced with the very real consequences of this pandemic. 

The good news is that we will return and rise again. We will be bringing you our production of Macbeth next summer. This year’s production is merely postponed. The pre-production work looks excellent and our tour this year was set to be our best to date. We will be working together with our venues to reschedule bookings; I cannot wait to bring you this production in 2021. 

The Lord Chamberlain's Men