Kinder's new lease of life

White Cotton grass centre, lit by sunlight, set in heather

Apart from the three years I was at university I have been lucky to have lived within sight of Kinder Scout all my life.

I first walked across the plateau as a skinny 8 year old and have many memories of the fifty odd years since. Things like my first white hare on the Snake Path, rainbows over Kinder Downfall or the natural wind chimes of frozen rushes in 
William Clough. Times were different then. It was not long after the clean air act and the views to the west were filled with mill chimneys. The moors were very polluted and the drive to feed the country in the post war era meant the vegetation was very heavily grazed. 
How times have changed. Kinder has now got a new lease of life. Plants and animals (and people) are reaping the benefits of improving air quality, sensitive stock management and huge works to restore the very heart of Kinder, the peat bogs. I continue to gather memories I thought I would never have like discovering plants not seen for over 100 years, seeing lizards swimming in newly formed pools or the bare black peat covered in white cotton grass.  
Checking the success of the work on Kinder
three NT staff looking at cotton grass
Checking the success of the work on Kinder