Walks with a view

Moorland plants and broken stone wall in foreground, green valley beyond with background hills in shadow

From the summit of Mam Tor to the moors of the Upper Derwent Valley, there are panoramic views of the High Peak moors to be discovered.

It's a great time to be out walking in the Peak District. If you can get up and out early you might be lucky enough to get above the low clouds and into the sunshine. The autumnal temperature inversion can provde some stunning views.
Get out early to rise above the clouds in Autumn.
blue sky hilltops mist Mam Tor
As you wend your way up the cloughs through birch and oak and amongst the scarlet berries of hawthorn and rowan you'll see and hear a host of wildlife as birds fatten themselves up, before the trees shut down for winter. 
We are working to grow healthier habitats for birds and other wildlife by planting hundreds of thousands of trees and by doing this we'll also be helping to slow down the flow of rainwater off the moors.
A view across the Derwent valley and reservoir.
Landscape, Derwent reservoir and hills
From the hilltops you'll see the changing colours on a grand scale and may spot the helicopter as it lifts materials up to the moors- this is all part of the moorland restoration work which will be going on throughout the autumn and winter months. 
Savour the views across the Dark Peak on the Mam Tor walk.
couple seated with map on Mam Tor ridge, Derbyhsire