Win Hill circuit cycle trail

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Enjoy a great day out on this cycle trail through the beautiful Hope and Derwent Valleys in the Peak District.

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Hope village car park, grid ref: SK171835


From Hope Village car park, turn left, heading up the Edale road for just over 3 miles (4.8km), as far as the bridle track just past Clough Farm. Turn right up the track, behind the farm and continue along the track up the hillside.

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Descend the steep track to cross Jaggers Clough' (GR154873), a deep-cut stream coming off the eastern flank of Kinder Scout. Continue along this track, a steep, loose climb, passing below Crookstone Barn, until you come to the old Roman Road which comes from Hope over to the Ashop Valley (GR160876). Hope Cross (an ancient guide post dating back to 1737) is about 200 yards (200m) down the Roman Road towards Hope village.

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Take a left and cycle down the Roman Road towards the River Ashop. Go carefully as it is fairly uneven. Follow the track almost to the Ashop River, then just at the point where the track improves, turn right down a tarmac track to a bridge across the river and up to the A57 road (GR152892).

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Cycle down the road towards Ladybower until just past Hagg Farm, then take another bridleway track to the right, down near the edge of the woods to meet another track which crosses by a bridge at the head of the reservoir.

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Follow this flat and even track around the southern edge of Ladybower Reservoir until you come to Ladybower Dam (GR197854).


Continue a short distance past the dam and then turn off right along the track of the former narrow-gauge railway (Thornhill Trail). Cross the minor road below Thornhill (GR198838) and continue towards the River Noe and the A6187 road to a T-junction (GR202830).


Turn left and carry along the track which crosses the River Derwent and emerges on the A6013. Turn right onto this main road and just after Bamford Station, bear right to go down to the A6187 road. Turn right again and then left after about 200 yards (200m) down a small lane signposted to Shatton (GR203826).


Go up the Shatton road and take the first right turn over a ford and then along a track which emerges at Brough. From here it is a short ride back to Hope.


Hope village car park, grid ref: SK171835

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Win Hill circuit cycle trail


One rough, fairly steep climb up from the Edale Valley and a rough descent down into the Derwent Valley. Remainder of route is quite easy going.

Win Hill circuit cycle trail

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Win Hill circuit cycle trail

How to get here

Hope, Peak District, Derbyshire S33
By train

Hope less than 1 mile (1.6km) and Bamford 4 miles (6.4km)

By road

Just off the A6187 Castleton-Hathersage road

By bus

260 Edale to Castleton, alight at Edale - see carlberry for bus information

By bicycle

Pennine Bridleway (National Cycle Network Route 68) is 3 miles (4.8km) west on the road to Chapel on le Frith. See sustrans for more information. Thornhill Trail is on part of the route

Win Hill circuit cycle trail

Facilities and access

  • Car park