Silent Spaces at Kingston Lacy

A stand of trees with a curving path

We all need a place to rest and recharge, and being out in nature is particularly beneficial to our wellbeing.

The Silent Space project is a not-for-profit initiative which runs nationwide, offering spaces for quiet observation and contemplation in a world that's constantly on the move and demanding our attention. You can find out more about their work at

A pink tree

At Kingston Lacy the Silent Space is the Acer Glade. Set back from the main Japanese Garden, the glade provides a peaceful and tranquil haven to stop and quietly connect to nature. From spring, the Japanese maple trees are stunningly vibrant, with foliage in bright lime greens, gold and pinks, the perfect place to enjoy birdsong and the gentle sound of bamboo rustling in the breeze. By the autumn this secluded glade is transformed once again, burning with intense reds and oranges; the jewel of Kingston Lacy’s autumn colour set among winding paths and granite lanterns.


The vibrant acer glade in autumn
The acer glad at Kingston Lacy in Dorset
The vibrant acer glade in autumn