Gooey sticky honey

Close up of bees in the hive, National Trust

Maintaining the hives on the estate is an important part of outdoor conservation at Kingston Lacy. The raw honey produced by the bees is bottled and ready to take home from the shop.

Bee-friendly gardens

The honeybees regularly feed on the pollen in the from areas in the main gardens and espcially the Kitchen Garden. The gardeners are consciously planting more flowers, trees and shrubs which bloom throughtout the year meaning there is more pollen readily avaliable.


Looking after the honeybees at Kingston Lacy

Here's how the rangers and volunteers look after the hives on the Kingston Lacy estate in Dorset. There are several different hives across the estate, including in the Kitchen Garden and Holt Heath.

Craving something sweet?

We recommend a big dollop of Kingston Lacy honey on some natural yogurt or treat your morning toast to a thick spread. In the National Trust cookbook you will also find some great recipes using honey, including warming autumnal dishes like honeyed pork casserole and honey-roasted swede soup. 

Honey tea bread, a recipe from Kingston Lacy

Honey tea bread

Honey tea bread, a recipe from Kingston Lacy.