‘50 things to do indoors before you’re 125¾’ at Knightshayes

A family looking at a fireplace

Coming soon. Have you had a go at any of the '50 things to do before you are 11¾' in the outdoors? This is your chance to try a very different '50 things'.

Look, listen, smell and touch your way through these brand new indoor '50 things' activities. Pick up a leaflet and keep your senses peeled for the rare unusual and special things we care for.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

5: Dress up as a person from the past.

Visit the kitchens and dress up as one of the servants.

13: Get to know the strangest object in the collection here.

From ugly birds to tortoiseshell cats, see if you can find a strange item in the collection and ask our volunteers to find out more.

23: Learn how to fold a napkin.

A Bishop’s hat or a pocket napkin, which will you choose?            

29: How many creatures can you spot in the house?

Snails, frogs, pigs, owls and even a monkey, there’s plenty of animals to spot in the house. Some are in stone, others carved in wood in wood or painted onto the wall, you might even spot some in the design in the carpets.

36: Find a story in a picture or tapestry

Pick a picture and see if you can decipher the story behind it.

Discovering Knightshayes' treasures