Golf, Gardens and Guides: discovering the story of Joyce, Lady Amory

Joyce Wethered, champion golfer alongside her contemporaries including Glenna Collett

As part of the National theme of Women and Power, which brings into focus the stories of the women who lived at our places as we celebrate 100 years since the first few women won the right to vote. At Knightshayes, we'll be celebrating the Joyce, Lady Amory, the last member of the family to live at Knightshayes and her incredible life story. Join us from 3 March until 30 September to find out more in the exhibtion: Gardens, Golf and Guides.

A champion golfer


Joyce Wethered is one of the most accomplished female golfers of the twentieth century and celebrated to this very day within the golfing world. She won a huge number of games during a short career but left a lasting impact on the world of golf

A gifted gardener


As well as a champion golfer, Joyce was also a excellent gardener and has played a key role in the creation of the garden at Knightshayes. When she married Sir John Heathcoat Amory in 1937 and moved to Knightshayes, she began to realise her passion for horticulture. After the war they set up about creating the garden and legacy we're left with today.

A generous member of the community


Sir John and Joyce were generous and passionate about supporting their local community. Joyce played an important role in the local guiding association and the couple helped create Tiverton Golf Club.

More can be learnt about Joyce and her amazing life at the new exhibition from 3 March until 30 September. We'll be introducing a new element throughout the year including a oral history project and telling the story in the garden. 

Check back for more details as we enter the summer season.