Conserving Knole

Gerry Alabone in the Conservation Studio at Knole

From the Conservation Studio at Knole to the day-to-day work carried out in the 400-year-old showrooms by our dedicated team of experts, find out more about what we're doing to preserve this magnificent collection for generations to come.

A father and his young son dressed in outdoor clothing look through a drawer of conservation tools in fascination in the Conservation Studio VE area

Conservation Studio at Knole

Discover how National Trust looks after their treasures with the Conservation Studio at Knole's interactive sensory displays ...

A magnificent, luxurious bedroom with four-poster bed, hung with red and gold cloth, oak panelled walls, tapestries on the wall and parquet floor

Knole's house and collection

Looking after a house the size and age of Knole is no mean feat - find out how our expert House & Collection team at Knole keep the house in order and top condition.